Be humble…. Sit down

I know you’ve heard the catchy phrase from the hip hop single “Humble”. Although I’m not a big fan of the “New age hip-hip, I have caught myself humming to the beat as the words rolled off my tongue. It’s not hard to catch on to what the hook means but I challenged myself one day to meditate on the words. (Might I add, the lyrics were uncensored and tacky in my opinion)

Many of us are agitated by the thought of someone being a braggart in words or action. We don’t like to hear people showing off what they do or what they have every time we turn around and true enough, it can get aggravating especially coming from people who only acknowledge themselves and down talk others. It’s tempting to throw this verse towards them in hopes that they will actually humble themselves. Picture that! As I meditated on that thing though, I started to look at my own life and wonder if the times that I “acknowledge” my blessings, brag on my kids or “Thank God” for my accomplishments if people felt the same about me. Now, I know me and my intentions. I know that it’s not my nature to go around flaunting my accomplishments, material things etc because if anyone knows, I KNOW that if God had not chosen to bless me with what I have now, I would still be a broken down, miserable soul with no college degree and dependent on the government. I mean who knows where I might have been if God hadn’t turned my life around so my past has kept me humble for sure so I never want to make that impression. HOWEVER if not careful we can take that as a way to never express how grateful we are. After all, God wants us to share his goodness with others. He wants us to let people know that it was HIM who provided us with what we have and brought us out of darkness and into the light but to do these things in humility with a focus on HIM.

Colossians 3:12  12 Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.

So as believers anything we say regarding our blessings or whatever, we must do so in a gentle and humble way.

On the flip side when we are judging others and the way they acknowledge what they have or their status in life, we first must look at ourselves and figure out why we feel the way we feel towards this individual. It’s very easy to judge others out of insecurity. People who are unhappy don’t want anyone else to be happy so they say things to try to discourage others from being secure in themselves, from being happy and so fourth. You know the saying… MISERY LOVES COMPANY. Can I tell you something. Don’t show up!

Sometimes no matter how humble you are, some people will never have anything good to say to or about you. You see, the devil hates anyone who loves God, he wants to destroy, discourage and do anything he can to keep you down. To keep your mouth closed about who God is to you so he will use people to say things to you and about you to shut you up and sit you down. If you entertain it, before long you will fade into the shadows of misery. You’ll be afraid to acknowledge anything that God has done because you’re afraid of what people will say. Of course people want you to be humble when it’s finally your time to experience and have a little something. When it was their turn, you couldn’t shut them up and no one had a problem. Even the people who called themselves encouraging you or speaking life to you when you were down now want you to be humble and have your seat. There’s another saying that goes…”People want you to do good but not better than them” so when this person sees you climbing up just a little bit, intimidation kicks in and you can still be just as humble as you want to be but because of what’s “in them” they can’t celebrate you and will either draw back for from you, make sarcastic little jokes or begin to have side conversations about you and the list goes on. Don’t entertain it, just continue to live your life and please God. You can’t please him and everyone else too and the sooner you realize it, the sooner you experience peace in your life. It’s not about being “better” than anyone. We’re all given our share and there’s enough to go around if people would just realize who they are and be content with it.

You will find those who experienced lack early in life get a little something and suddenly forget where they came from. They begin to lift themselves up but you will also find those with similar early life experiences who remain humble, acknowledge GOD as their source and you will see GOD lift them up. There’s a difference. We must aim to do the latter.

James 4:10  Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.

When God does lift you, never let your enemy (operating through people) talk you out of your blessings and never let anyone condemn you for being blessed. No we don’t have to remind people EVERYDAY how blessed we are, our lives and actions will speak for us but there will be times where it calls for you. Make sure you answer! I’ve been guilty of downplaying every compliment or accomplishment that I receive because I don’t want people to judge me, because I’ve been so afraid of criticism I’ve been afraid to walk into my gifts and callings but if you are going to be happy and free in life you will have to learn to deal with criticism, negative people and their comments and live your life pleasing your God! Yes, be humble, but when God exalts you, there will be no place for you to SIT!

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