Am I Pro-Black?

You may be thinking, for one to ask a question like this, they clearly don’t know.

Well here’s my view. For years, on and off I’ve had conversations with friends, debates, challenging questions asked regarding the “Pro-black movement”. As weird as this may sound, sometimes I have to stand in front of the mirror, look at myself and ask these questions:

Who are you?

Who loves you?

Where are you from?

Where are you going?

What do you believe?

I’m constantly reminding myself of my vision, revisiting/revamping my goal list etc but the thing that always stands out is ‘What do you believe?” I know what I’ve been “trained” to believe, I know what I’ve believed depending on my circumstances but one day while reflecting on my life and future, I couldn’t shake this question. What did I believe? Why did I believe what I believed? The uneasiness forced me to face some difficult questions about myself and my belief system. Not that it was a bad thing. This was actually good for me at the time as I was on my journey of wholeness and discovering who I was. I needed to know without a shadow of doubt who I was, what I believed so I would know where I was going. In order for us to have vision, we must be able to see where we are first but that’s for another time, on another post. I came to this conclusion. I am a BLACK woman. African-American-Afro-American-Negro-African, whatever you want to call it. I was born in America, but obviously my roots trace back to the Continent of Africa. I acknowledge this, I embrace this and I love everything about my beautiful, black self but does this make me “pro-black” or does being pro-black make me anti-white, anti-Mexican, Asian etc.? Better yet, let me flip it. Would you think I was anti-black if I told you that I have more NON-black friends, supporters and those who genuinely love me than I do my own? (ouch)pexels-photo-866023.jpeg

No, it doesn’t make me Anti-black but being pro-black doesn’t make a person anti-white either. One goal of the enemy (satan) is to create confusion, chaos, lies and the like so he will use(through people) terms like this to stir up all types of emotions between and amongst races, so I’ve learned to be careful and not use the term pro-black too loosely. Does it mean I’m afraid? Does it mean that I care about people’s opinions of me? No and yes. I do care because as I believer, I am supposed to be a light, I’m not supposed to let things like race,  separate me from my sisters and brothers in the FAITH so in this case, I do care how it makes me look as a believer to God. I don’t care in the sense that I really don’t owe “people” an explanation of why and how I embrace my blackness. I am a believer and in the body of Christ there are no races, and one day we will all be worshiping the Father in this sense (as spiritual beings) I understand this. I understand that we are spiritual beings NOW, we’re just covered by a shell (the body) but we are operating in the spiritual (heavenly) realm as believers. I get it but as a real person, a real BLACK person operating in a very real world, I choose to acknowledge and embrace who/what I was born as. A child of African-descent.girl-ethiopian-child-portrait-38634.jpeg

I am aware that there are BLACK people who can’t stand me but I’m still black.

I am aware that I have more ANTI-BLACK supporters than I do BLACK but I’m still black.

I am aware that there are people of all different races and religions who treat me better than my own race and religion but I’m still black and I’m still a Christian.

I am aware that there are certain things that black people do that are demeaning, disrespectful, evil, plain out country and ghetto but blacks are not the only ones. It may not be as “glorified”, televised or put out there but there are things that other races have done, that are disgraceful and plain out evil that many black people would never do, like shooting up WHOLE schools, killing innocent children, teachers, ect., eating body parts, lynching and hanging people and the list goes on and on so I would never seclude myself from my race because of bad decisions because truth is, we are ALL flawed no matter what race we are and this is why I focus more on the spiritual aspect of things. Evil is evil, it has no race. That’s for another time and post also but again…..I am still BLACK.

So now that I’ve acknowledge how black I am (LOL) Am I PRO-black? I guess it would all depend on what the accurate definition actually means. In order to find that will be like pulling teeth because we all have different opinions and approaches. I still have so much to learn about my history and even where my family originated from. For the past 3 years, I’ve been on a journey and it’s been a beautiful one. People may not be aware because I don’t  verbalize it much. It’s been sort of personal for me and the more I grow, the more confident I become, the more freely I can embrace and express my beautiful black melanin self and I can do so without it offending anyone else.(If it does, it’s on you)

Freedom is a beautiful asset!IMG_4944

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