The life cycle of a butterfly comes in 4 stages. We will call these stages “ The Process”. Each stage serves a different purpose and plays a significant role in the growth and development of the butterfly. Just like you and I, who were born into this world as an embryo (an egg) from childhood to adulthood each stage of our lives produces small changes whether negative or positive predicting the outcome of our future. Many of us run from the thought of change or having to go through  a “Process” but understanding what the process is for and the beautiful life that it produces can quickly change our perspectives as we allow the Holy Spirit to strengthen, develop and beautify us.

The purpose of this blogsite is to discuss not only topics from the book but to discuss real situations that plaque our communities. To raise awareness on things that are going on behind the doors of our homes, schools, communities, jobs and churches that many people are afraid to discuss so my purpose is to be that voice so that people can walk away from the bondage that has kept many of us from experiencing freedom and victory! Enjoy!

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