Your opinion, my decision!

We might as well cut to the chase. Someone out there knows that one person who values their opinion over others so much, you would think it was written in the Book of Genesis. We all need advice and wisdom from others and honestly there’s a lot we can learn from others, I get it but just as much as we need advice, others need ours as well. Just as much as we give advice we should learn to be humble enough to receive it. One key to having healthy relationships is the ability to learn from each other because not even the smartest person in the world has all of the answers. However, there are many people who not only make it a priority to impose their opinions and beliefs on those they encounter but they do so in such a narcissistic way, the advice is almost not worth the headache. If every conversation is about what they know or how they do things more than likely you’re involved in a one-sided relationship. This toxic behavior can become not only a nuisance but it hinders any good advice the person may have because of the intent behind it. Those with narcissistic behavior tend to beef up their own credibility and self worth by appearing superior to others. Looking and sounding important becomes a mask they wear to cover up insecurities but to hear that from someone is like awakening a beast. An argument starter, for sure. Going outside and arguing with a stop sign may seem more encouraging. Self denial is one of their main traits so if you are someone who likes to avoid drama, you may want to remain silent and let life teach the lesson like it does with most of us.

Now that I’ve veared off topic and into left field here’s the bottom line. When making a decision about “your” life, look for the advice and wisdom from others but don’t let it become “noise” in the background. If the advice is really good advice, but the one giving the advice is a pain in the ***, sometimes you have to take it with a grain of salt and ignore the source. Chew up the meat and spit out the bones as some call it. At the end of the day you will be the one to live with the decision!

Let opinions be opinions and treat them as such!

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